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$794 For 36V350W Geared Electric Bike Conversion Kit Full Package ( Li-Mn Tube Battery & Postage Included, US, CAD, AUS & EU, 2 Weeks Delivery )

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12.08 LBS
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Product Description

$794 For 36V350W Geared Electric Bike Conversion Kit Full Package

 (Li-Mn Tube Battery & Postage Included, US, CAD, AUS, & EU 2 Weeks Delivery)

PPM-36350-PT 2 Weeks Included

Read Me First:

  • Wheel Size: Please read the side of your tire if unsure about your wheel size
  • Tire Width: 1.15"(29mm)-2.25"(57mm) will fit
  • Front vs. Rear Wheel: Requirements, advantage & disadvantage
  • Bike Compatibility:
    • The space between the rear dropouts must be at least 135mm/5.315inches.
    • The space between front forks must be at least 100mm/3.937inches.
    • Torque arms installation is a MUST.

Hot Features:

  • 36V350W Geard Hub Motor In Silver
  • High Quality Planetary Gear
  • 36V9AH Li-Mn Tube ( Water Bottle ) Battery Manufactured By Highly Reputable Maker
  • Free Charger
  • Slight Controller Easy to Hide
  • Compatible with 6 Bolt Disc Brake
  • Double-Walled Rim
  • BOTH Thumb & Split-Twist Throttle in Every Kit

Motor Package List:

  • 1 x Hand-Built Wheel With Disc Hub Motor
  • 1 x 36V/17A Brushless Motor Controller
  • 2 x Throttles (1 Thumb Type & 1 Split-Twist Type)
  • 2 x Brake Handles (left & right)
  • 1 x PAS

Battery Package List:

  • 1 x Li-Mn Tube Battery (36V9AH)
  • 1 x 2 Amp Charger


  • 10 x Black Plastic Zip Ties 
  • 2 x Universal Torque Arms
  • 2 x C-Washers (fronts only)
  • 1 x Freewheel Remover (rears only)
  • 1 x Crankarm Remover
  • 1 x 3mm Allen wrench for installing throttle
  • 1 x 5mm Allen wrench for installing brake handle and disc brake

Motor Specifications:

  • Motor: Direct-Drive Hub Motor (Compatible with 6 Bolt Brake Disc )
  • Power: 350W (Peaks 17A)
  • Wheel: Heavy Duty Double-Walled Rim & Steel Spokes
  • Hub Weight: 2.5 KG
  • Warranted: 1 Year at 36v use (Not warranted for use above 36v nominal)
  • Speed: Top Speed is 16.45M/H (27KM/H) without pedaling. (*Rider: Tanking, Male, weight: 83.2kg/183.42 lb, Urban Road, LiFePO4 Battery )
  • RangeRange is 19.25M (31KM) without pedaling. (*Rider: Tanking, Male, weight: 83.2kg/183.42 lb, Urban Road, LiFePO4 Battery )
  • Charging Time: 6hrs - 8hrs (depending on charger type)


TypeTop SpeedTop RangeBattery
24V/500W 16mph (26KM/H) 17 M (28KM) 24V20AH
36V/500W 19mph (31KM/H) 19 M (31KM) 36V15AH
48V/500W 26mph (43KM/H) 26 M (43KM) 48V15AH
48V/1000W 32mph (52KM/H) 26 M (43KM) 48V15AH
24V/350W(Geared Motor) 14.29mph (23KM/H) 12.42 M (20KM) 24V9AH
36V/350W(Geared Motor) 16.77mph (27KM/H) 19.25 M (31KM) 36V9AH

Water Bottle Battery Specifications:

  • Type: Li-Mn
  • Voltage: 36 Volts
  • Capacity: 9 Amp Hours
  • Dimension: 318x90x90 mm / 12.52x3.54x3.54 inches
  • Weight:
  • Charging Current:
  • Max Discharging Current: 10 Amps
  • Peak Discharging Current: 20 Amps
  • Lifecycle: 500 cycles

We offer you a 2 Amp charger for free.

Please be aware that at 48 volts the system is capable of speeds (34MPH top speed at 26”) that exceed Federal EBike Laws and your bike may become classified as a “motor vehicle”. At 36 volts the E-Bike Conversion Kit is within the speed limitation guidelines (20MPH unassisted on flats with 150 pound rider) established by the U.S. Federal Electric Bike Law, and in most states, no license, registration or insurance is required.


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