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How to choose the right wheel hub motor

2. There are how several types of motors available sell? How do they differ in performance? How to choose?
Not sure which motorized wheel to choose?

We now have 6 types of electric bike conversion kits for you to choose from. You can read the following table to see the performance of each type:


TypeTop SpeedTop RangeBattery
24V/500W 16mph (26KM/H) 17 M (28KM) 24V20AH
36V/500W 19mph (31KM/H) 19 M (31KM) 36V15AH
48V/500W 26mph (43KM/H) 26 M (43KM) 48V15AH
48V/1000W 32mph (52KM/H) 26 M (43KM) 48V15AH
24V/350W(Geared Motor) 15.52mph (25KM/H) 17.68 M (28.3KM) 24V9AH
36V/350W(Geared Motor) 16.77mph (27KM/H) 19.25 M (31KM) 36V9AH


  • If you don't care about the top speed too much, our 36V/500W may be a good choice for you.
  • 48V/500W can support you for longer range than 36V/500W.
  • 48V/1000W kit is more powerful, which can meet your needs for both speed and range. It's also offered at an affordable price.

Front wheel or Rear wheel?

If you decide to do front wheel conversion:
  • Make sure that your bike has steel front forks, and also the forks must be strong enough.
  • Torque arms Installation is a MUST (It’s included in our jade & platinum package).
  • C-washer installation is also a MUST (For quick release forks).
  • Disc brake installation is not currently supported.
If you decide to do rear wheel conversion:
  • It has better traction and handling than front wheel.
  • It is suitable for installing a disc brake.
  • Torque arms installation is also a MUST (an extra precaution for your safety).