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What e-bike conversion kits should be included

4. What components should be included while converting your bicycle?

As we assemble a computer, we will need mainboard,CPU, memory, hard disk and so on. Similarly, we need the full set of conversion kits to convert the bicycle to an electric bike. The following parts should be included:

1. Hub Motor: One bicycle wheel with PAPAMOTOR hub motor and tire together.
2. Controller: It's a microcomputer that controls the motor, battery, throttle and other parts, somewhat similar to the ECU ( Electronic Control Unit ) of a car.
3. Throttles: We have two types (thumb & twist-split) for your preferential option. The function of both types is to control the driving speed.
4. Brake Handles: It's specialized to brake and cut off the current transmission to the motor.
5. PAS (Pedal Assistance Sensor): If you turn on the motor power while riding, PAS will send a signal to make the motor work and assist you ride easier. Simply speaking, riding with PAS is very helpful to save your energy.
6. Battery: It's the key component, also the most expensive one in the kits.A good battery can upgrade an electric bike to a higher level. PAPAMOTOR adopts the LiFePO4 Battery Pack which has a longer lifecycle than a SLA with the same specification, and lighter much, also with much better performance.
7. Torque Arm & C-washer: Both are reinforcement parts, torque arm is used to strengthen front forks or rear dropouts, we suggest you to install it no matter which wheel you choose. C-washer is for quick release front forks use.The torque arms and C-washers will come with for free if you order the SILVER or GOLDEN package.
Torque Arm: http://www.electric-bikekit.com/freewheels-torque-arm/universal-torque-arms-set-of-2-pairs/
C-washer: http://www.electric-bikekit.com/freewheels-torque-arm/c-washers-1-pair/