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What is the accessories for your option

5. What is the accessories for your option?

Besides, in order to meet the needs of different rider, we also have some accessories for your option:

Option Rear rack: We have standard and quick release types for your preferential option, mainly used to load the battery.

What's the difference between our standard rear rack and quick release one?
Standard type: The diameter of the screw hole on its legs is more than 12mm(0.472in).Then it can be mounted on the axle of the motor. Please check the image as left picture shows:

If you already have a rack as above, then it's no need to purchase a new one.

Quick release type: If you have or want to buy a quick release rack, then it's unnecessary to consider this question,  because it's compatible to any bicycle.

Option Battery Bag: Used for holding your battery, take easier to fix the battery on the rear rack. The improved PAPAMOTOR battery bag has Cross & Surround straps, it would be a good choice for 15ah LiFePO4 Battery (Pingbattery).The Battery Bag will come with for free if you order the SILVER or GOLDEN package.
Option Double leg kickstand: A very useful part for supporting the bicycle, with the help of it, you can test or maintain your bicycle easily, so we recommend it.

Option Disc Brake: you can install a spiral disc on the PAPAMTOR rear motorized wheel, while the front is not in use currently. If you purchase a rear wheel but haven't a spiral disc brake, then please consider to buy one from our optional parts.
* In order that you can install the above kits or optional accessories easily, we will give you small tools package FOR FREE (3mm[0.118in] & 5mm[0.197in] allen wrench for installing throttle and brake, freewheel remover, crankarm remover and zip ties for wiring artistically).The small tools, torque arms, Battery bag are valued at $75, they come with the kit FOR FREE if you order SILVER or GOLDEN kit Package.